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Daily Dose of Lifestyle Delight: Christmas deco

Time to get all the christmas deco down from the attic and in from recent shopping expedtitions elsewhere around your neighbourhood….

It gets dark early here in Holland and so  I love to light all the candles as soon as dusk sets in…. and light the log fire. Especially in these times it is extremely important to create a safe homely atmosphere.

The christmas tree will be decorated this evening with my sons, who love doing it with passion and dedication. I even wrote down who put the fairy at the top of the tree last year so we do not get into that discussion. It is such an exciting event of the year when opening the boxes full of homemade decorations of years ago when the boys were at primary school, reliving their memories. Such a delight!

Post your Christmas cards on time too… I have just written mine and will ppop them in the postbox later on today. How organized!!! How do I do that… well I used to be really bad at it… but now I make a note in my mobile calendar and the general house calendar for the new year to come.. so I don’t forget and actually I stick to it and get the job done immediately as soon as I see it posted! It works for me!

I have already done some of the christmas shopping, but I still do need to venture out into the highstreet of my local town Arnhem and invest in some more goodies… My mini will be overloaded as my boot is tiny and rope might become a necessity… like in one of the pictures below.

So I suggest you get cracking on the christmas deco and make your home snug and cozy and turn it into a homemade family design! Either colour coordinate or do a mix and match theme this year!

Wishing you all  happy pre-christmas fun, and enjoy the pictures below for some more christmas inspiration.

Photo’s via Heartbeatoz

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