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It is right bang in the middle of autumn with only another month to go before winter and the festive x-mas season begins! So get your home nice and snug… with soft furnishings on your sofa and soft socks or slippers to walk around in and when you come home from work. then all you need to do is slip into something comfortable and prepare some homely comforting food. I always love a good Risotto… as I enjoy the slow stirring in the pan and watching the risotto soak up all the liquid… such a soothing and relaxing moment of the day… at the same time sipping a glass of red wine!

However small or large your place is … the most important thing is to pour your heart into everything you do! Be kind to yourself and make sure you are feeling relaxed even if at  times it might feel the complete opposite… Go out and buy a single pretty flower and place it in a glass of water and place it where you can see it! and take it to bed with you…. yes… on your bedside table or windowsill… and enjoy it’s beauty… look into it’s heart and see how delicate and wonderful it is… like you! take a photograph of it and print it out and stick it on the mirror of your bathroom… or carry it in your purse! To remind you of how prescious you are at all times!

So go and create…. a snug warm place around you! Have fun and smile…. people will be wondering what you are up to!

Below some more ideas! pictures via Heartbeatoz

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