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Blooming Flower Chat: Snowdrops

The Galanthus, better know as the famous snowdrop is such a delicate and pretty little flower… giving us such joy and signs of new life ahead! They brighten up even the most murky of days during our winter… and this year too they are already popping out their sleepy heads thrilling us with their sight!

Galanthus comes from the Greek words Gala, meaning milk and Anthus meaning Flower!!! Milky flower… I prefer snowdrop… as they are the only flowers to bloom in winter together with the Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) and Helleborus (Lenten Rose) …. after the snowdrops appear it’s the bright and colourful crocus which then take the scene…. bringing us still closer to the arrival of spring. My all time favourite season!

So go out there and do some snowdrop spotting!

photo’s by: judy’s snowdrops

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