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Blooming Flower Chat: Helleborus

Helleborus Niger:

With So many different varieties with exotic names such as Coton Candy, Queen of the Night, Emerald Queen, …..our Lenten Rose is diverse in all its facets.

A great plant for the woodland environment.  It dislikes summer heat, so avoid afternoon sun.  Once established, do not move as they are slow to re-establish.  Blooms late winter or very early spring. Use them with spring wildflowers and early bulbs, or use them as a foundation with deciduous shrubs and ornamentals. They blend nicely with the landscape after flowering.

Characteristics & Attributes for the Helleborus:

Exposure: shade and partial shade, Soil Preference: tolerate dry conditions, preferably well drained, Season of Interest: November – March, Growth Habitat: slow growing but will form large clumps over time, do not move once planted, Height: 45 cm, Attributes: huge range of beautiful flower colours and evergreen foliage during its resting period which is during the hot summer months.

Combines well with plants such as: Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis), Astilbe, Coral Bells (heuchera), Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium) and the lovely Forget-me-Not (Myosotis).

Click on the gallery below for more plant detail information:

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