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Panicum Virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’:

This ornamental grass is one of my favourites as I love it’s silvery bluey plumes in October and blue-green leaves during summer. It will grow to quite a height (210cm) so is best to plant either at the back of the border or as several solitary features dotted around your other plants. The plumes flower in a gorgeous pale purple in September and will eventually look like the ones in the photo on the left. I took this picture really early in the morning when the sun had started to appear! Magical.

 Characteristics & Attributes for the Panicum Virgiatum ‘Dallas Blues’:

Exposure: sun. full sun, Soil preference: well drained soil, Season of interest: August/September and Autumn, Growth of Habitat: slow growing, Height: 210cm, Attributes: beautiful tall feathery plumes that turn to silver in Autumn and combined with it’s green leaves look like waves in your garden, solitary planting, focal point,

The ‘Dallas Blues’ combines really well with other attractive plants such as: Perovskia, Sedum, Eupatorium, Echinops and Physostegia virginiana ‘Bouquet Rose’.

Do click on the pictures below for more information:

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