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Beauties are there, waiting to be discovered

This is my first post using my new updated website annex blog. On these pages you will discover a whole new world about Home and Garden Living & Lifestyle. The main pages introduce you to my world of Feng Shui, Clear Your Clutter, Space CLearing, Garden designs and Gardening tips and my Photographic art of Nature. On the SNIPPETS PAGE I write useful tips and tools for you so you can get started immediately! It is about introducing you to the power of beauty and designing your life in style that suits your personality best.

The true Beauties of the world can be unveiled to those prepared to seek them out! So keep your eyes wide open and begin to notice the details around you!

The photos above are taken with my Iphone and I just love the poppies with the drops of rain still on them and no matter the weather the bees just continue hunting for the deliscious sugars of the flowers!

The poppy is also used in my opening page of my new website …. for me it sums it up… and makes curious… that is a moment of enjoying the power of beauty… making you aware of another world around you!

So go out and about and take a closer look at beauties around you! Be inspired and start making changes in your Home too.

Love, C

PS: my website was designed by a fabulous person called Janet at Simply Effective.

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