Carolyn Chadwick

British mother, brought up in the Netherlands, of 2 beautiful children. I am a health, self love and wellness coach, your personal online motivational trainer.  Founder of the LESSONS IN LOVE ACADEMY: My Body My Temple and expert in:
• how to live a healthy & happy lifestyle.
• how to make you lose weight and change your mindset about food and your body.
• creating easy delicious recipes
• teaching you how to have a happier relationship with yourself and with your loved ones

I offer a beautiful 12 week online course ‘MY BODY MY TEMPLE’ where you receive lots of coaching from me. The course is all about how you nourish and feed yourself through Self Love, special 10 day meal plans, meditations, fun exercises and dance moves. You learn how to release tension from within and how to change your mindset about the food you eat and the body that is yours, all from the comfort of your home.

Click here to go to MY BODY MY TEMPLE where you can read all about what I have to offer you.

I also offer a monthly membership for just €8 as I want my service to be available to all who feel the need they are up for a change in their life right now.

Good news is my  GIFT to you:  1 FREE Month Trial Membership of My Body My Temple in a closed facebook group.

Through dance, massage, visualisations, meditation and exercises I bring you into contact with your inner beauty, heart, love and Higher Self which has an amazing powerful transformational effect.

I truly believe in living life authentically and to the full. Inspiring, empowering and healing you is my job and passion!
My mission in life is to help and support as many women as possible who want to live a healthy lifestyle and are open to personal growth and development. Women who are also passionate about wanting to make this world a better place to live in.

All my love,


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